About Us

Hels BCN is a swimwear brand for those who think that summer should last forever; spending days with sandy feet and salty hair, diving into the ocean, the smell of coconut oil, the taste of an ice-cream, and the joy of being surrounded by your beloved ones. That's why we believe the best memories are those made under the sun.

Loving the ocean, the sky, the sand and the sun inspires us. Every piece of swimwear is handcrafted in Barcelona with love. We create a product that suits our adventurous spirit & lifestyle, non other than making new discoveries and enjoying what you do. There is love, history, passion and a breath of fresh air in every piece we create. Our designs are the mixture of Mediterranean essence and Brazilian cuts.

Every Hels BCN suit is one of a kind in different combination of colors, prints, fabrics, and styles.
It's perfect fit and seamless comfort give our pieces a unique feeling.